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In 2003, Wholly Guacamole® brand set out with a mission: to provide the highest quality, totally yummy guacamole on the market. Then we did just that. Made with natural ingredients and gluten free, all Wholly Guacamole products are created with all the best ingredients – the only way to get that super yummy taste. Our Hass avocados are hand picked and 100% completely authentic, like mama used to make it. We’re ready when you are, easy to love and easy to enjoy.

Click on our products to explore all the flavors and decide which Wholly Guacamole dips you want to try!

Try our entire line, each bursting with flavor! They include Classic, Spicy, and Homestyle. It’s so hard to choose just one favorite! And when it comes to flavor, Wholly Guacamole products really bring it on. It’s true! Every guacamole dip is authentically made with hand-scooped Haas avocados making for super tasty flavors. Our Spicy guacamole has some serious kick, with bold flavors and spicy goodness. For an authentic guacamole, look no further than our Homestyle dip. Full of yummy tomatoes, onions and jalapeno, the guacamole is de-lish!

At Wholly Guacamole brand, our chefs are always working to give you the best. Our gluten free, kosher, hand-scooped guacamole makes a great snack, which is why have put it into perfectly portable completely adorable mini containers. Wholly Guacamole Minis are only 100 calories each, and come in dippable, squeezable containers just made to be put in your kid’s lunches, work snacks, or anywhere! They’re perfect for when you gotta grab n’ go.

When you’ve got a hungry crew that’s ready to chow down, try our 8oz. and 16oz trays – big enough to feed a family. It’s super easy – just peel and serve. Three cheers for that!

SO, try one, try them all! We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

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