Our Process

Our Process

So, What is HPP?

High Pressure Processing or HPP technology is an all-natural process that protects and defends foods while preserving them through the use of high-pressure water rather than with heat, chemicals and other processes that can ultimately damage natural flavors. HPP is what makes our guacamole taste so yummy without any preservatives or additives having to be added. We want it to be just like homemade (without the fuss). Would you add chemical preservatives to your homemade guacamole? HPP is all about using cold-water pressure instead of heat to preserve our product. Food safety is our number one priority. HPP process kills naturally occurring bacteria that can cause food deterioration and affects food safety, including salmonella, while at the same time preserving taste, texture and natural vitamins. 2 + 2 = 4 RIGHT? This same cold water is low-energy and is recyclable so it’s more efficient than thermal preservation.

This is very important to us at Wholly Guacamole® brand because we care about keeping the environment as green as our guacamole. This has been a priority with us since day one. In 2009, we started building a corporate-wide program that helps document our carbon footprint, our waste stream, water use and other impacts. It also helps document how we affect the communities where we operate. Our goal is to make our products the best they can be in every way, including how we pursue sustainability.

When Don helped HPP evolve into what it is today, the process became known as the “Fresherized®”process. Today Fresherized Foods, home of Wholly Guacamole brand, is the world’s largest user of HPP.

To learn more about Fresherized Foods, go to fresherizedfoods.com.

To learn more about our sustainability efforts check out the following links:
Corporate sustainability efforts

Or contact our sustainability director Marcela Maltos at gnovak@fresherized.com

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