Wholly Guacamole®
Through the Ages

16th Century ADThe Aztecs enjoy the first bowl of guacamole. If only they had chips to snack with.

1518First European written account of avocados; but back then they were called ?Alligator Pears?.

1920The Hass family plants the avocado tree that starts the ?Hass Avocado? variety. Thanks Hass Family!

1982Don Bowden opens his first Mercado Juarez and realizes he needs a better way to prepare his guacamole without compromising great taste and nutrition.

1989Don?s big idea starts with a small avocado harvesting plant in Sabinas, Mexico.

1989AvoMex is born!

1994Don?s big ideas are coming to life when he opens Plant #1- the first company owned plant located in Mexico.

19951st HPP machine introduces to Americas able to handle 20lbs of product at a time. Wholly Moley!

1997Don?s guacamole hits store shelves with Minyard Food Stores launch sale of ?classic? product

1997Introduction of first commercial HPP machine able to handle 70 lbs. of product every 10 minutes.

1998Texas gets the goods when Albertsons launch sale of product with demos in 150 Texas locations.

1999Began using Mercado Juarez ?classic? as brand

1999Building begins for Plant #2 in Mexico, which is able to turn out 70 million pounds of product per year, employs 1400 people and is open year round.

2000To keep up with demand, Don Introduces an HPP machine able to handle up to 400 lbs. of products in 10 minutes.

20011st Nielsen Ranking as America?s #1 Guacamole, which is still true today in 2012

2003AvoClassic Guacamole is renamed Wholly Guacamole brand

2005Chip and Flip meet for the first time over a bowl of Wholly Guacamole product

2007Wholly Guacamole products get fun-sized with Snack Packs.

2008Wholly Salsa brand launched while Plant #3 opens in Lima, Peru, which is able to turn out 7 million lbs. of product per year, employs 200 people while operating fully staffed April through August

2009Plant #4 opens in Chile. It is the first HPP facility in the country able to turn out 15 million lbs. of product per year and employs 125 people

2011Wholly Avocado® product is introduced to the masses

2011Wholly Guacamole products are featured on the hit shows The Biggest Loser and Dr. Oz

2012Wholly Salsa® brand gets a facelift and adds specialty flavors

2009Wholly Salsa snack pack and Wholly brand Party Time Dip launched

2013Wholly Guacamole brand launches new tray packs. Our customers wanted a better way to enjoy their guacamole, and we delivered.

2013Wholly Guacamole Minis, the solution to snacking and side, get introduced. Some scrumptious stuff, itty bitty 100 calorie package!

2013Wholly Guacamole Bean Dips® are launched. We cant’t get enough of this seasonal item filled with cumin, paprika and oregano! Yum.

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